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The Importance of Optimizing Your Website for Mobile

Mobile device usage is at an all-time high. Most of us always have our device within arm’s reach. This device convenience means it is as crucial as ever for businesses to ensure their mobile website has everything site visitors need. To underscore the point, in Quarter 4 of 2023, nearly 70% of the traffic to […]

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Reeling in Success: Why Your Franchise Needs Segmented Marketing 

Picture this: you’re out fishing, hoping to reel in a big catch. Would you use the same bait for every fish in the sea? Probably not. Just like fishing, marketing your franchise requires a tailored approach to hook the right customers. Enter franchisee marketing segmentation – the secret sauce for unleashing your growth potential.  Why […]

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Unleashing the Power of AI in Marketing: A Deep Dive into Ansira’s Adtech  Evolution

In the ever-evolving realm of marketing and marketing technologies, the convergence of tech and strategy has become more critical than ever. Ansira has stood at the forefront of this intersection, pioneering the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in our adtech for over two decades. In an enlightening conversation, we spoke with Angie Cordova, Ansira’s VP […]

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Adapting Automotive Marketing in a Shifting Landscape: Strategies for Dealers in 2024 

In an engaging Roundtable Q&A, Angie Cordova, Vice President of Product Management at Ansira, delves into the dynamic world of automotive marketing. With the industry facing seismic shifts due to a multitude of factors such as volatile inventory levels, elevated interest rates, technological advancements in marketing, and tight advertising budgets, dealers are grappling with the […]

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Reflections as We Look Ahead to Channel Focus Live 2022

Channel Focus is a leading community providing information to key executives running channel programs in the largest and most innovative IT and Telecom companies. Channel Focus events are recognized throughout the industry by Channel Leaders, bringing together experts to share the latest best practices and “how-to” information – Ansira is proud to be a contributing […]

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Building a Personalization Strategy to Up Level your Customer Experience

This blog was created in tandem with a recent webinar with our partners at Bloomreach, a leading CDP + omnichannel marketing automation and experience platform that was purpose-built for the marketer. To dig in on this topic further, be sure to check out the webinar recording on demand. Make sure you are thinking about data […]


4 Keys to Designing a Great Customer Experience

Customer Experience /ˈkəstəmər/ /ˌikˈspirēəns/ noun [ singular] how people find, engage with, and advocate for the brands they love – When considering the importance of CX today, it’s hard not to reflect on the last two years and the major societal changes that have impacted both consumer behavior and the way business gets done. […]


The Connection Between Behavioral Science and Customer Experience: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our behavioral science series! If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, check it out here for some helpful background information and context. As promised, we are exploring three more behavioral science concepts within the context of marketing and customer experience (CX). We’ll cover inertia, choice architecture, and choice overload, including […]

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What’s Next for Facebook Campaigns Post-iOS Privacy Updates?

Facebook iOS Conversion Underreporting In the year since Apple implemented Privacy updates that impact the ability to track certain website behavior, the media and ad technology teams here at Ansira have learned a lot. The team, like many in the industry, have directly felt the impact of available measurement KPIs, options for targeting and optimization, […]

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Assessment: Are You Meeting the Needs of Your Customers?

The path to meeting customer expectations and driving additive value through customer experience (CX) is a challenge even for the world’s most beloved brands. We often see brands struggling to understand their capabilities in relation to driving experiences, and where to prioritize. Evolution and change to customer experience are best undertaken incrementally. Realistic expectations of […]