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Creativity: The Last Unfair Advantage

Want more eyes on your brand? More clicks on “buy now”? The answer won’t be found in a spreadsheet. To quote the famous UK creative director, copywriter and author, Dave Trott, “Creativity may well be the last legal unfair competitive advantage we can take to run over the competition.”  All other things being equal, it’s […]

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Pinterest: The Intersection of Awareness and Intent

Pinterest provides advertisers with a platform where their ads are not only endured but well received. Get our rundown on how marketers can capitalize on this opportunity.

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Winning Super Bowl LVII Strategies

The Super Bowl marketing playbook looks a little different from last year. From a major change in halftime sponsorship to ditching 30-second spots for influencer campaigns, brands adjusted to a shift in consumer mindset and the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

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Web 3.0 and Digital Marketing

The evolution of Web 3.0 has accelerated significantly in the last 5-7 years, and we see no sign of that pace slowing. Here’s our POV on Web 3.0 and digital marketing.

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The Impact of a Less Than Stellar Economy on Brand Loyalty

Mixed messages on the economy are clearly impacting brand loyalty. How are spending habits changing and how should brands react to maintain customer loyalty?

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Reflections as We Look Ahead to Channel Focus Live 2022

Channel Focus is a leading community providing information to key executives running channel programs in the largest and most innovative IT and Telecom companies. Channel Focus events are recognized throughout the industry by Channel Leaders, bringing together experts to share the latest best practices and “how-to” information – Ansira is proud to be a contributing […]


Quick Takes on Adobe Summit 2022

Didn’t have a chance to participate in Adobe Summit 2022? Don’t worry you can access the on-demand content all year long. Or you can read through our quick takes to grasp the essence of the 2022 content (note: some sessions such as training, celebrity interviews, and Live Q&A, are only available for 30 days post-event). […]

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The Channel Effect: Future Focused

The following information was sourced from Ansira’s The Channel Effect virtual event. For more session thought leadership, check out All too often, legacy partner programs are designed to promote a single service or product. Attracting customers with sales, promotions, and direct marketing is important, but a customer’s journey does not stop at the point […]


Preparing for Holiday 2021: 5 Considerations for Any Retailer’s Strategy

As retailers prepare for the upcoming 2021 holiday season (< 100 days ‘til Christmas!), there are big questions as to what Holiday 2021 will look like. Will it look like the traditional retail season we saw in 2019? Will it look like the COVID-influenced season of 2020? Somewhere in-between? There is no shortage of prognosticators […]

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The Impact of Consumer Privacy on Facebook Conversions

Facebook recently shared that they’re feeling the previously-anticipated impacts of iOS updates – with likely 15% underreporting of iOS web conversions. Due to the changes made by Apple in order to prioritize consumer privacy, Facebook – and many other companies – are obligated to provide choice in how consumers are tracked, and therefore how their […]