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Overcoming Barriers to GenAI Adoption

Generative AI (GenAI) has dominated the conversation over the past year, thanks to its rapid and transformative growth. It’s considered one of the most significant technological advancements since the launch of the smartphone in 2007. Much like the internet and social media, AI presents a substantial opportunity for companies, enterprises, and service providers.   Forrester, a […]

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Exploring & Ensuring Empathy in the AI Universe

In the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), the integration of empathy emerges as a compelling frontier. As machines become increasingly intertwined with human experiences, understanding the role of empathy in AI holds profound implications. This blog delves into the fascinating intersections of technology and empathy, unraveling how AI’s capacity to comprehend and respond to […]

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A (Hopefully) Simple Intro to AI

If you search the internet today for anything related to AI, articles and conversations about ChatGPT and its counterparts dominate the landscape.  There is plenty to be said about the language-model AIs using some combination of algorithms and human-set parameters to respond in a way that sounds human. What we will attempt to do instead, […]