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The Ultimate Guide to Building Brand Loyalty in 2024

Regardless of the product or service a brand provides or the industry vertical(s) it serves, competing for and retaining brand loyalty from customers in a world with seemingly endless alternatives and a sometimes less than stellar economy has never been more challenging. While overcoming that obstacle may feel daunting at first, creating lasting brand loyalty […]

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Partner Marketing: Rewards Program Use Case

A client in our technology portfolio was manually managing partner benefits on an internal platform and needed a dynamic digital tool to track partner changes and status. Ansira’s development team designed and created an online workflow that improved partner satisfaction, helped streamline the process, and allowed client admins to manage and support a much larger […]

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Modernizing Market Development Funds

Market development funds (MDF) are commonly used by enterprise brands to help indirect sales partners or channel partners with sales and marketing programs that drive revenue for both the national brand, and the local partner. These type of partner ecosystems exist across a wide range of industries like automotive, technology, QSR, CPG, insurance, and healthcare. […]

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Enhancing User Experience and Community Impact: CSWR’s Digital Revamp

Central States Water Resources (CSWR) partnered with Ansira to revamp their corporate and local websites for a more modern, user-friendly design that enhanced community engagement. In just six months, CSWR saw significant improvements in organic visits, unique visitors, and user engagement metrics.   Challenge Central States Water Resources (CSWR) is driven by a sincere commitment to […]

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A Guide to Exploring & Ensuring Empathy in the AI Universe

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the first emerging technologies that will impact us all every day – personally and professionally as marketers. So, in this brave new frontier, how can brands maintain empathy in the way they connect with their consumers? Why download this guide?  Download our comprehensive guide to learn more about the […]

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Elevated Customer Engagement with the Power of Inline Ads 

The product listings page of a website attracts the most traffic and where customers spend the most time, presenting an opportunity for strategically placed advertising to drive traffic to other internal pages. Ansira identified this need through market research and customer feedback, leading to the creation of its Inline Ad feature that allows clients to […]

Data + Insights Strategy

The Google Whisperer’s Roadmap to Google Analytics 4: Q3 2022

Well friends, the time is here. We’ve been on this journey of Google Analytics 4 since its announcement in October 2020, and now the countdown starts. We all have one year to get Google Analytics 4 set up, working on your website, and all the data flowing.  Over the past few months, we’ve walked through […]

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Google Whisperer’s Guide to Search Console GA4 Integration

This month’s guide is a walkthrough of how to connect Google Search Console with Google Analytics, what you get, and where to find the data in GA4.    This integration gives you access to two new reports:  The Google Organic Search Queries report shows search queries and their related metrics (impressions, clicks, CTR, and average rank) […]

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Vehicle Acquisition Strategies Playbook

Used car acquisition has never been more important. As new vehicle inventory continues to lag behind demand, filling your lot with quality, used cars can help keep your sales rolling in. But do you have a strategy to bring in used cars? Are you mining your database to find all the options that may exist? […]