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Enhancing User Experience and Community Impact: CSWR’s Digital Revamp

Central States Water Resources (CSWR) partnered with Ansira to revamp their corporate and local websites for a more modern, user-friendly design that enhanced community engagement. In just six months, CSWR saw significant improvements in organic visits, unique visitors, and user engagement metrics.  


Central States Water Resources (CSWR) is driven by a sincere commitment to their community. They recognized that their websites, both corporate and local Utility Operating Companies (UOCs), needed a fresh and user-friendly makeover to resonate better with their valued customers. They aimed to create modern, attractive websites that offered an inviting and seamless experience.

In addition, CSWR aspired to strengthen their community engagement by leveraging social platforms and delivering informative blog content, positioning themselves as industry thought leaders. Moreover, they had a critical need to enhance their ability to issue water advisory notifications swiftly during emergencies to ensure the safety and well-being of their community.

This partnership began when CSWR issued a formal RFP and was referred to Ansira by a former agency member. In response, we showcased our website design and editing expertise, while also considering CSWR’s unique requirements and goals. The primary objective was to revamp their websites to create a consistent online presence and improve responsiveness in issuing water advisory notifications, all rooted in CSWR’s genuine commitment to serving their community effectively.


We swiftly mobilized our multidisciplinary teams, drawing expertise from creative, development, product, media, and performance services to kickstart our collaboration with CSWR. In a matter of weeks, we presented their team with an initial design and consumer experience mockup, which was met with enthusiastic approval. Most of the subsequent edit requests were straightforward in nature, facilitating a seamless transition to the development phase.

Simultaneously, our product team initiated dedicated sessions with CSWR to gain comprehensive insights into their needs for an improved water advisory notification posting process. The ultimate goal was to automate the posts and eliminate the need for manual reviews, streamlining CSWR’s emergency communication procedures.

As we approached the launch phase, our media and performance services teams joined the effort, working closely with CSWR to formulate a robust search engine marketing (SEM) strategy for the websites. We also collaborated on defining the appropriate tone for their blog and social channels, identifying critical reporting metrics and setting clear expectations for ongoing support to ensure CSWR’s online presence would continue to thrive.

Results after 6 months:

  • Page views are down by 6.7%, indicating improved navigation efficiency.
  • Total users surged by 9.6%, reflecting broader reach and engagement.
  • Total sessions increased by an impressive 10.6%, demonstrating heightened user interaction.

On behalf of everyone at CSWR, but especially our core team who had the privilege of working with the Ansira team, a huge high five and heartfelt THANK YOU!  We look forward to a great future working together with you!

CSWR Marketing Team

Our partnership with CSWR has delivered remarkable results. In just six months, we witnessed significant increases in organic visits and unique visitors across all devices. In addition, key metrics such as pages per visit and average visit duration experienced declines, while the bounce rate showed marked improvement. These positive changes can be directly attributed to the enhancements made to the site’s design. Collectively, these improvements signify a more efficient and engaging user experience.

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