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Google Whisperer’s Guide to Search Console GA4 Integration

This month’s guide is a walkthrough of how to connect Google Search Console with Google Analytics, what you get, and where to find the data in GA4.   

This integration gives you access to two new reports: 

  • The Google Organic Search Queries report shows search queries and their related metrics (impressions, clicks, CTR, and average rank) as well as lets you apply Search Console-specific dimensions to the data. 
  • The Google Organic Search Traffic report shows you landing pages and lets you apply both Search Console and Analytics metrics. This data can be further refined by Country and Device dimensions. 

There are a few limitations to what this integration can do: 

  • Search Console data is only compatible with a very limited number of Analytics dimensions: Country, Device, and Landing Page
  • You can only link your Search Console property to one GA4 web data stream (and vice versa) 
  • Your GA4 property can only have one web data stream (of a maximum of 50) that links to a Search Console property 

Why download this guide? 

Unlock the full potential of your search data with our comprehensive guide on integrating Google Search Console with Google Analytics. Learn how to access new, insightful reports that reveal key metrics and optimize your SEO strategy.