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Elevated Customer Engagement with the Power of Inline Ads 

The product listings page of a website attracts the most traffic and where customers spend the most time, presenting an opportunity for strategically placed advertising to drive traffic to other internal pages. Ansira identified this need through market research and customer feedback, leading to the creation of its Inline Ad feature that allows clients to create customizable and engaging ad content to optimize the shopper experience.  


The product listings page of a website stands out by getting more traffic than any other pages. It’s where customers invest a significant amount of time browsing, filtering, and searching for what they like. Once users land on this page, their interactions tend to stay there, limiting the website traffic of other internal pages. This presents an opportunity for strategically placed advertising to engage customers and help drive traffic to goods, services, internal pages, or events they might not have otherwise experienced while on a website.  

A combination of market research and customer feedback helped identify this as a growing need on the Ansira Website platform. To better serve our clients, the platform needed to provide a feature that provided a solution but was flexible enough to be used by any client for any advertisement.  


Social media platforms, blogs, and ecommerce sites already use inline ads effectively and have set a precedent for functionality, categories, and common elements. Major categories of inline ads are discounts, services, and suggested products. The elements are an impactful image, a description of the service or offer, and a call-to-action. 

The Ansira Inline Ads feature enables clients to use the common elements to create unique ad content that is appealing and engaging. The offering also provides flexible capabilities for our clients to customize the ad content, control the ad placement, and manage ad viewing cadence to drive traffic to their desired destination and generate leads. 

174% Increase in average session duration

159% Increase in average pages/session

Since the release in February 2023, we have seen the effectiveness of the Ansira Inline Ads offering. There is, on average, a 174% increase in the amount of time users spend browsing a website with inline ads. The shoppers also view 159% more pages during their browsing sessions.  

The new inline ads tool has been successful in how it performs and how our customers have embraced it. To take advantage of these highly engaging new features, we recommend the following best practices: 

  • Make integrated ad content to drive engagement and avoid detracting shoppers from the inventory. 
  • Work with an experienced Ansira Digital Performance Strategist who can help you strike the right balance of messaging while maintaining a great shopper experience. 

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