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Taking Care of Your Customers and Partners in the Wake of COVID-19

For brands with a distributed sales model, the projected shift in consumer purchasing patterns, especially, at a local level, will be significant in the coming weeks to months. Today’s sensitive landscape calls for an equally sensitive approach to the way brands interact with customers and how they provide experiences. However, now is the time to […]

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Give Your Partners the Power to Own the Local Customer Experience

Editor’s note: Ansira Chief Client Officer Andy Arnold sat down with Facebook U.S. Global Solutions Vice President Michelle Morris recently for a chat at the annual Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Masters of Marketing conference in Orlando, Florida. They discussed the challenges and opportunities faced by brands that rely on partners for local sales. This […]

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7 Ways to Maximize the Return on Your Channel Marketing Programs

Many national brands with indirect sales channels such as franchisees, dealers, or resellers have allowed their channel marketing programs to run on autopilot. In truth, those programs — whether co-op, market development fund (MDF), or compliance — have the power to do much more. They just need some restyling. You and your partners can maximize […]

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How to Succeed in the Expectation Age

Whether purchasing a cup of coffee or a fully loaded car, people expect outstanding experiences every time. We’ve grown enthusiastically reliant on technology to make our brand interactions richer and more satisfying. We can opt in or opt out. We can decide how and when we want to receive offers. We can even shape the […]

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Customer Experience or Human Experience: What’s More Important in Marketing?

“Customer experience” describes the marketing journey a person takes when interacting with a brand. Although every journey is different, there’s one common element: the human factor. By looking at marketing through the lens of the human experience, rather than the customer experience only, the brand can enrich and lengthen its relationship with the customer, leading to greater profitability. […]

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You Want the Real Truth About Your Customers? Look at the Transactional Data.

For decades, brands have relied on market research to shape strategy and test theories about what customers want. Sometimes marketers go with their gut. Sometimes they scale up a successful strategy. But today, data intelligence has paved the way for brands to analyze consumer behavior with a specificity that unveils what customers are doing at […]