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The Benefits of Bots

Consumers consult Siri for answers, order a pizza from Alexa, and chat with Erica about a bank balance, putting a familiar name to responsive artificial intelligence (AI). In marketing, AI technology is gaining traction in the form of bots, computer programs that seamlessly complete automated tasks. By providing specific information in real time, bots help brands […]

CX + Loyalty Strategy

Customer Experience or Human Experience: What’s More Important in Marketing?

“Customer experience” describes the marketing journey a person takes when interacting with a brand. Although every journey is different, there’s one common element: the human factor. By looking at marketing through the lens of the human experience, rather than the customer experience only, the brand can enrich and lengthen its relationship with the customer, leading to greater profitability. […]


How Marketers Can Make Smart Use of Artificial Intelligence

Marketers often confuse the terms machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI), even using them interchangeably. They are interrelated but distinct, and those distinctions are important to consider. Understanding the nuances of these intelligence concepts can inform smart marketing decisions — and lead to solutions that meet business goals. What’s in a Name? Machine learning, […]