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Bring Your Own Data: The Steppingstone to a Data-Driven Organization

As marketing continues to become more data-driven, marketers are left to wonder what data is appropriate for the specific marketing tactic they want to execute. Even if they know what data they need, they are at the mercy of IT, technology vendors, or service providers to execute the process before they have access to that data. What if we tell you that through the concept of “Bring Your Own Data” (BYOD), we can help you become a more data-driven marketer?

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have taken the helm in today’s marketing media publications, analysts, and others. Most CDP vendors claim that they can easily consolidate various data sources into a central data model. However, what they do not tell you is that a lot of these data models are rigid, they support their own use cases, and they are not flexible enough to add additional schemas or even attributes that the marketers need to execute their tactics, let alone execute in real-time.

The Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) offers this flexibility, with platform components that support data ingestion, identity resolution, and real-time customer profiles by XDM or eXperience Data Model. This XDM is the foundational element of all data flowing into the platform and enables you to add new attributes, new ID graphs, and new sources of data – all in a way that allows for building real-time customer profiles. So, at any point in time, the information you query on customers is the most up-to-date data. If you invest in a CDP and you do not have access to real-time data, you are facing a situation that is not ideal in today’s ubiquitous marketing environment. In my opinion, all data elements have an expiration date. If we don’t use it now, then it is just consuming your storage while not adding to your insights.

With “Bring your own Data,” we can build XDM models within AEP platform to provide the real-time customer profiles to drive your marketing forward and move towards a truly data-driven organization.

At Adobe Summit 2021, Adobe explains further how AEP can activate data-driven customer experiences while future-proofing your organization’s data management strategy.

By Sukumar Muthya

Sukumar leads Ansira with expertise in customer engagements, business and technology strategy, data & analytics and customer experience delivery.