EiQ Sponsor Spotlight: Massimo Arrigoni of BEE

If anyone knows the power of email, it’s Massimo Arrigoni, CEO of BEE. With 20 years of software-building experience, Arrigoni is a “big believer in reducing friction between your product and the people you built it for.”

And BEE does just that. The email builder and editor with a “two clicks and you’re designing emails” philosophy had over 36,000,000 sessions across 600-plus applications in 2020. “We’re part of a movement that’s democratizing content,” he says. That way, “more people are given tools to exercise their creativity without having to worry about technical hurdles.”

What does Arrigoni envision for the future of marketing? Read on to find out!

These days, what gets you excited about the marketing world?
We now have a better understanding that “marketing” does not mean acquisition. You market your product (and your company) throughout the customer journey. It’s so clear when you’re product-led as BEE is. Customers start small, immediately experience “some” of what you created, and then grow over time, if there’s a fit. And so marketing is how you help them discover more of what you’ve built for them.

What makes your company a great match for EiQ?
Lots of people across an organization need to create digital content, starting with email. Not just marketers. We see substantial adoption in HR teams, sales teams, operations, etc. These are all people that need to communicate, and they’re frustrated because the internal processes to “get a campaign ready” simply take too long (i.e. the marketing team typically has other priorities).

So BEE is a great match for EiQ because we have the same community of people in common: people who need to communicate, who want to do it faster, more easily and without compromising messaging or design..BEE exists to solve that.

We’ve invested a lot into finding the right balance between ease of use and design flexibility, and so far, the response has been fantastic: people truly love designing emails with BEE. Things that took a long time and were out of reach due to technical barriers are now within reach. For example, you can now go from email to landing page with a couple of clicks. Less friction, more creative freedom, better marketing.

What part of a marketing campaign is most important to driving success?
To me, it always goes back to the core: understanding why someone would want to buy your product or service, and speaking precisely to that, for that audience, in those circumstances. Finding the core reasons why you matter to a particular audience is never easy (and it changes over time), but when you do, everything about the campaign just magically comes together.

Where will you travel first when the vaccine is readily available?
Our team has always been remote, so not being able to get together in 2020 was hard. A lot of the team is in Italy, so we’re all hoping to be able to do a nice team retreat there later in 2021!


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