Data + Insights Strategy

Your Marketing Investment in 2023

Tune in to this fireside chat with guest speaker, Forrester Principal Analyst Jay Pattisall and Ansira CMO Kelly Jo Sands. Hear how CMOs are investing budget during times of uncertainty and what levers can be pulled to drive results, including customer experience, media optimization, talent, and content driven by data intelligence.

Jay also shares highlights from the Forrester B2C CMO Pulse Survey, focusing on the key trends and insights that are helping brands to drive demand, conversions, and increased loyalty.

What is Discussed:

  • The “talent imperative” and how agencies and brands will address the changing talent needs in the future
  • Media responsibility, within the agency construct, and the impact for communities, corporations, and clients
  • The overall future of agencies in the ever-expanding complexity of marketing and the impact that has on delivering total brand experience