Data + Insights Local Marketing Activation Strategy

Mastering SEO: Boost Your Local Visibility

Traditional agencies primarily focus on keyword rankings and organic traffic as indicators of SEO success, but those things don’t sell products, drive subscriptions, or generate foot traffic on their own. The modern SEO experience should be about the complete customer journey from acquisition to action.

Join Ansira’s Director of Earned & Owned Media Mick Gier, Earned Marketing Lead Analyst Eric Molitor, and Director of Sales Enablement Erin Zaborac as they discuss how SEO impacts the overall shopper experience and what you can do to maximize conversion potential.

Key areas of conversation will include:

  • A Brief History of Organic Search
  • Other Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Features that Impact Search
  • Questions You Should Be Asking Your Agency About SEO Strategy
  • How SEO Impacts Your Bottom Line