Local Marketing Activation Strategy

Media Planning in Today’s Advertising Landscape

We are midway through Q3 which means now is the perfect time to start planning budgets for 2024. It’s an election year, so that alone can significantly affect how you buy, not to mention what and where. Considering historical impact and results is just one piece of the puzzle, but staying ahead of media trends is what will set you up for success in the next year (and beyond).

In this webinar we highlight key media planning considerations and best practices to help you stay ahead of the competition. Host Erin Zaborac is joined by Ansira’s EVP of Media Catie Cryder and Senior Director of Media Liz Nelligan to share helpful recommendations, insights, and objectives for taking your 2024 media planning to the next level.

Key areas of conversation include:

  • Trends in Media Consumption and How They Influence Planning and Spend
  • Impact of Political Elections on 2024 Media Buys
  • Staying Compliant with Privacy Updates
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Goals to Evaluate Performance