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Mastering the Inbox: Email Marketing Strategies to Stand Out

The following information was sourced from Ansira’s The Channel Effect client summit that took place in February 2024. For more information about The Channel Effect, click here

The evolution of email marketing has come a long way. In 2009, a Wall Street Journal article proclaimed the decline of email, overshadowed by the rise of social apps. Yet, by 2019, email had reemerged as a prominent channel. In 2023, Black Friday witnessed the highest volume of emails ever sent in a single day, highlighting the enduring relevance of email marketing.   

With its widespread adoption, email marketing has become highly commoditized, making it crucial for brands to identify the right strategies to differentiate themselves in their consumers’ overcrowded inboxes. The good news? There are tactics you can implement today to make your brand stand out among the rest.

The 4 Bs of Email Marketing  

Be fresh and personal

Personalization is key to standing out in crowded inboxes. Take a look at your current tactics and evaluate how personal they are. Is there a new or fresh way you can collect or relay information to your consumer? Utilizing interactive email strategies, such as dynamically changing content based on customer preferences, can provide a unique and engaging experience. Collecting and acting on information promptly ensures that your communications remain fresh and relevant.  

Be accessible

Are you presenting email in a way that maximizes your reach? To do this, make sure your emails are optimized for various devices. Implementing authentications like SPF and DKIM helps establish credibility, while features like brand indicators for message identification (BIMI) can enhance visibility and trustworthiness. Additionally, an example is leveraging Gmail’s promotions tab annotations to increase your visibility and accessibility among consumers before they even open your email.  

Be local  

According to Capital One, 75% of all shopping happens locally. Are you where your customers are? Infusing a local aspect into your email marketing campaigns can significantly increase relevance. Featuring local store operators or including store locators in your emails can create a personal connection with customers. Capitalizing on the concept of exclusivity for specific communities can also enhance engagement.  

Be consistent and new  

While this may seem like an oxymoron, maintaining brand consistency while introducing new elements keeps your communications consistent and new. What are some ways you can reenergize that base but stay familiar? Establish a consistent design system to maintain your brand recognition. Then, test different aspects like cadence and color schemes within this framework to keep your content fresh and engaging.  

Taking a strategic approach to email marketing is critical for brands to see successful campaigns. By adopting these strategies, brands can enhance their digital marketing efforts and effectively engage with their consumers in an ever-changing digital landscape.  

Not sure where to start? Ansira is here to help. Contact us today to see how we can partner with you to deliver best-in-class email marketing strategies.  


By Richard Flores

With experience in technology integration, data manipulation, and industry-leading platforms, Richard helps our clients create personalized, profitable email communications as part of their broader CRM and loyalty programs.