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Assessment: Are You Meeting the Needs of Your Customers?

The path to meeting customer expectations and driving additive value through customer experience (CX) is a challenge even for the world’s most beloved brands. We often see brands struggling to understand their capabilities in relation to driving experiences, and where to prioritize. Evolution and change to customer experience are best undertaken incrementally. Realistic expectations of current state versus goal state are critical to charting the best next steps to evolve.

Ansira helps brands link organizational goals to customer needs by pinpointing and tracking specific areas of improvement to reach the next level of maturity and provide a concise understanding for organizational readiness in delivering on customer experiences.

To support brands in their evaluation, a readiness tool was developed for organizations to quickly understand their current ability to meet the needs of their customers and align against their 12-month priorities. This tool enables brands to evaluate themselves against critical capabilities with a diagnostic output to clearly pinpoint level of support, key solutions, and potential pivoting needed to affect a better CX.

The assessment helps to inform:

  • Critical areas of focus and investment based on business objectives
  • Provide clarity across competing priorities
  • Set clear and attainable goals for growth across a specific timeframe
  • Align CX capabilities

Evaluation covers critical capabilities, processes, systems, and people across 8 key dimensions:

  • Customer Analytics
  • Data Activation
  • Technology Enablement
  • Channel/Touchpoint Experience
  • Personalization
  • Measurement Capabilities
  • Organizational Culture
  • Operational Readiness

The capabilities are then scored and mapped based on the ability to meet customers’ needs from Informative to Responsive, Engaging, Proactive and Differentiating.

Discover where you rank
Ansira’s Customer Experience Readiness Assessment was designed to help brands evaluate where to evolve to further meet the needs of their customers. Take the assessment today to gain key insights on your overall readiness within the CX landscape, uncover your biggest gaps, and where to prioritize efforts across critical CX capabilities.

Ready to check yourself? Take the assessment here.

By Amanda Goodwin

Amanda leads Ansira’s Strategy team in the agency-wide integration and innovation of solutions which prioritize the quality of experiences crafted based on the needs and context of people.