Loyalty Marketing Strategy

The Evolution From Loyalty Program to Loyalty Company

In the Expectation Age, customers demand seamless, contextually relevant experiences at every touchpoint, so brands have to think about their loyalty proposition beyond a single program or platform. Meeting customer expectations requires a comprehensive, data-driven strategy for cohesive communications and interactions that enhance engagement, foster retention, and build brand advocacy.

To do this, a brand can no longer simply be a company with a loyalty program; it must become a loyalty company.

How does a brand become a loyalty company?
Companies that align their loyalty visions with the customer experience and value proposition are best positioned to consistently deliver on brand promises, thereby forming longer-lasting customer relationships. In this white paper, Ansira discusses the following:

  • The loyalty program landscape
  • How to build the optimal loyalty program
  • The principles of a loyalty company
  • Understanding current and future customer habits
  • Using customer data to influence outcomes

Why download this white paper?
Loyalty companies strive for behavioral and emotional loyalty through a combination of structured loyalty programs and unstructured engagement initiatives, both driven by data. This white paper reveals winning strategies for prioritizing the customer experience over loyalty program mechanics and leveraging data across the enterprise to not only drive loyalty, but also efficiency and profitability.