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Multichannel Orchestration: The Key to Customer Engagement

The Expectation Age has upended how brands market to consumers. The era of the empowered buyer has put even greater pressure on brands with direct and indirect sales channels. How can they provide seamless customer experiences when data is siloed, messages get lost in the ecosystem, and experience competitors now threaten their business?

To explore this topic, Ansira commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate multichannel marketing engagement strategies among relationship marketers in both the B2B and B2C spaces. Forrester surveyed marketers across industries to better understand these brand-to-local struggles.

What does the research reveal?
Forrester’s research unearthed the following key findings:

  • Top priorities across brands include growing revenue and improving customer experience and retention. Marketers want to ensure customer retention and engagement, and they are ready to invest heavily to ensure that customers’ experiences with their brands are relevant across all touchpoints.
  • Many marketers struggle with ensuring consistent experiences for customers across touchpoints. Marketers from both high-growth and slow-growth organizations alike struggle with multichannel orchestration’s complexity.
  • To overcome those challenges, organizations plan to invest in technology solutions and managed services. Marketers see through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) as a way to solve channel marketing challenges, as a mechanism for better engagement with existing customers, and as a way to increase new customer acquisition. Importantly, they are coupling TCMA investments with investments into loyalty programs and data insights platforms to maximize their customer understanding and deliver consistent multichannel experiences.

Why download this white paper?
Forrester’s in-depth survey yielded several important recommendations for empowering channel partners, ensuring brand integration through automation and services, and, ultimately, improving customer experience.