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Leveraging Segmentation for a Transformative Partner Experience

The following information was sourced from Ansira’s The Channel Effect client summit that took place in February of 2023 and is the follow-up to the previously posted blog, [Aligning the Partner Experience: A Journey Towards a Strong Ecosystem]. For more information about The Channel Effect 2024, click here.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, fostering successful distributed or indirect sales partnerships requires more than just supplying products or services. It demands a customer-centric approach, focused on solving problems and delivering value. Through a breakout conversation held during this years’ Ansira client summit, we shed light on the significance of embracing a customer solution mindset and addressing the unique challenges posed by non-transacting partners. By understanding their needs and crafting tailored strategies, organizations can cultivate a partner ecosystem that thrives on mutual profitability, relevance, and respect.

Mutual Profitability

To create meaningful channel partner marketing partnerships, the emphasis should be on mutual profitability. The traditional measure of success, solely based on the amount of product sold, is no longer sufficient. Instead, both parties should work collaboratively to identify opportunities that benefit each other’s bottom line. This requires a shift in perspective from transactional market development funds (MDF) to a broader focus on value creation and shared success through a modern mix of program funds, incentives, and rewards. By fostering a mutually profitable environment, organizations can establish long-lasting partner ecosystems that drive sustainable growth.


In an ever-changing and fast-paced business environment, relevance is paramount. Partner relationships need to adapt and evolve to stay ahead. By actively seeking ways to keep partners and their offerings relevant, organizations can ensure their collective value proposition remains strong. This entails continuous communication, market intelligence sharing, and the development of joint strategies that leverage the unique strengths of each partner. By prioritizing relevance, organizations foster partner ecosystems and a partner experience that delivers innovative and impactful solutions to customers.


Respecting the different business models and specialties of individual partners is fundamental to building successful alliances. It is crucial to recognize that non-transacting partners, such as influencers and consultants, possess a unique role as trusted advisors to their client base. In order to maintain their neutrality and trust, organizations must carefully consider how to engage and incentivize these partners without compromising their integrity. This requires a nuanced approach, identifying alternative ways to utilize MDF or other marketing resources that align with the partners’ interests. By demonstrating respect for their business models and objectives, organizations can forge strong and enduring partnerships.

The evolving partner landscape demands a reimagined approach to collaboration. Shifting from a product-centric mindset to a customer solution mindset opens up new opportunities to engage non-transacting partners and create a thriving partner ecosystem. By embracing segmentation, organizations can tailor their strategies to incentivize partners, fostering mutual profitability, maintaining relevance in a rapidly changing environment, and demonstrating respect for diverse business models. In doing so, they can build robust partnerships that deliver exceptional value and drive shared success.

By Karlyn Bentley

Karlyn Bentley has been supporting channel partner marketing clients at Ansira for over 20 years. In that time, she has served in different roles across the company including in channel program operations, channel partner marketing product development, and sales and client account management now as SVP, Client Partnership. These experiences give Karlyn a unique perspective to not only help our clients, but also peers serving clients with a distributed sales model and beyond.