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Enterprise Data Supply Chain Approach to Solving End-to-End Data Problems

At Ansira, we use Enterprise Data Supply Chain to address marketers’ end-to-end data needs from source to consolidation, and activation to analytics. Defined at the enterprise level, we think about how to use data to solve problems, creating the culture of data-driven decision making, especially when it comes to marketing investments.

Data Supply Chain is the lifecycle of generating a pipeline of data to then process under a larger data perspective for comparative volume, variety, and velocity. However, many enterprises struggle in identifying what data sources they have, what issues exist with the data, and how to use the data to drive their decision-making process. It is very easy to fall prey to the tunnel vision of problems seen by individual organizations within enterprises, thereby creating siloed units.

So, how can a brand see the bigger picture?

  • View the data through the lens of supply chain, from its origin to its end use, and how it can be leveraged to not only to make decisions but also to be monetized in a compliant way.
  • Take into consideration how they are identifying the data they have, fixing the issues at their source and consolidating as necessary, then using analytics to make decisions based on the data.
  • Constantly search for opportunities that add value for their customers and empower one cohesive mindset across the organization.
  • Create a governance framework with a committee of members whose charter is to ensure that data is ready for use.

There are numerous benefits to thinking about data in the notion of “supply chain,” from increasing operational efficiencies to improving business agility in supporting use cases. Unfortunately, creating an organization-wide mindset and developing the framework is easier said than done. Each enterprise inevitably has its own nuances of MarTech stack, sunken investments, and deeply entrenched processes. The journey will be most rewarding for enterprises that choose to think about data supply chain as a way to enable their transformation and become truly data-driven.

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By Sukumar Muthya

Sukumar leads Ansira with expertise in customer engagements, business and technology strategy, data & analytics and customer experience delivery.