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Multibrand CRM Solution Makes Purina a Top Dog With Customers

With help from Ansira, Purina activated a best-in-class customer-relationship management solution to increase growth across its dog food and cat food brands.

With help from Ansira, Purina implemented a best-in-class customer relationship management (CRM) solution, designed to elevate growth and engagement across its portfolio of various dog and cat food brands. Through a data-powered, technology-enabled approach, Ansira helped to increase Purina’s cross-brand engagement by 150%. 


Global pet care leader Purina needed a better way to connect with customers across its family of cat food and dog food brands to drive growth and purchases. With its current customer-relationship management (CRM) system and siloed marketing intelligence, Purina didn’t have insight into cross-brand shopping behavior.

Because of these limitations, Purina was leaving behind valuable opportunities for cross-brand engagement, enhanced customer experiences, and sales.


Increase per month in consumer registrations across almost 20 brands


Increase in cross-brand engagement


Brands supported


Increase in brand advocacy and affinity for the Purina master brand


Purina tasked Ansira with building a multibrand marketing database and launching a unified acquisition strategy across all of Purina’s digital properties. With more than 50 data capture tools, Ansira activated a robust, best-in-class CRM solution to increase growth across brands.

This data-powered, technology-enabled approach allowed Purina to deliver relevant, in-the-moment content, resulting in outstanding customer experiences at scale. The brand was able to communicate directly with a significant portion of U.S. households with pets, leading to a 10% growth in customer acquisitions. Through strategic email marketing, Purina successfully reengaged 41% of lapsed and dormant customers and increased cross-brand engagement by 150%.

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