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Generate Service Technician Job Search Candidates

After recognizing the challenges that OEM dealerships were facing regarding the nationwide shortage of qualified service technicians, Ansira stepped in to help find a solution. Ansira launched a three-month pilot media campaign that successfully reached and converted a wide audience of qualified candidates. 


OEM dealerships nationwide are experiencing a shortage of qualified service technicians. Our auto manufacturer client recognized the severity of the situation and highlighted the multifaceted consequences of the technician shortage.  

Service times have been overextended leading to longer customer wait times, potential delays in crucial vehicle repairs, and a tangible decline in overall customer satisfaction. As a result, the shortage has also indirectly impacted sales operations by hindering dealerships’ ability to meet the increasing demand for vehicles, which has led to significant losses in sales revenue.

This case study highlights the strategic solution created by Ansira to address the aforementioned challenges faced by OEM dealerships and reduce the negative impact on service quality and sales performance. The client indicated there was a need to hire 500+ technicians by end of year and came to Ansira for our expertise in media campaigns and advertising. We responded by utilizing our social and Meta campaign experience to curate a solution with the goal of reaching a large number of high quality candidates to fill those roles.


Ansira ran a client-funded three-month pilot managing media campaigns to generate as many applicants as possible within all requested regions. Auto dealers were provided a region-specific portal through which they could access applicant details for follow up and hiring. This media campaign management also included a managed URL, Meta presence, applicant validation, and real-time reporting.  


After implementing the three-month pilot, the campaign resulted in 2 million impressions generated from the region-specific portal, 12,000 application views, and more than 2,000 applications.  

Ansira’s region-specific portal solution was a huge success in reaching and converting a wide audience of qualified candidates in just a few months and has proven to be an effective tool to help dealers address the technician shortage.  

Ansira can help amplify your message through impactful media campaigns. Contact us today to learn more.  

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