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Dynamic Content Drives Rewarding Behavior for Synovus

Synovus was looking for a partner to help them tell the story of their revamped credit cards in a highly targeted way. Enter Ansira who designed a targeted email series and custom landing pages that incorporated strategic messaging and personalized content, resulting in a significant increase in action rate and open rate.   


Synovus is a modern finance company with deep roots in its local communities. A huge initiative for 2017 was the rollout of enhanced credit cards with deeper rewards and more enticing cash back options. To support this rollout, they were looking for a partner to help them tell the story of their revamped credit cards in a highly targeted way. With five different credit cards getting significant improvements to their rewards models, Synovus needed to: communicate changes to cardholders, educate cardholders on new benefits, and increase card usage and overall spend.


Increase in action rate for select mailings


Overall open rate


In the cross-channel scheme of things, email was a perfect solution for these challenges, and the Ansira team had the chops to deliver. In addition to designing a five-touch email series for each of the five audiences, we designed custom landing pages to clearly and concisely outline all the new rewards.

To keep engagement up throughout the series, we created a strategic messaging matrix indicating when cardholders would be most receptive to communications. We incorporated tip-style content for shopping and traveling, personalized by card type and scheduled to deploy during key spending periods such as Black Friday. In the days after Christmas, cardholders would receive a reminder to take advantage of the points or cash back they racked up with their card while holiday shopping.

With custom emails and custom landing pages, Synovus cardholders were encouraged to take advantage of their card’s cash back and points features during their holiday shopping rush. The incorporation of dynamic content saw distinct results, with a 52% increase in action rate for select mailings and a 32% overall open rate.

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