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Ansira Global Payments Automates the Payment Management Process at Scale

When it comes to brand-partner relationships, operational inefficiencies can strain the experience, especially when processing international payments across diverse countries and currencies. Ansira worked with key clients across different industry verticals to streamline the payment management process through Ansira Global Payments (AGP), a proprietary technology module serving as a gateway between the Ansira Edge Channel Partner Marketing platform and associated bank accounts. 


The brand-partner relationship can sometimes be fraught with processes and systems that don’t deliver the best experience. Processing international payments, across client partners in various countries and currencies, at scale, is one such experience that can leave partners frustrated. Turn-around times and payment blockers can catch partners off guard while clients need the most efficient cost per payment option. Reducing friction and cost requires AR and AP processes to move off spreadsheets, and into an automated workflow.


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Over the course of the last few years, Ansira has worked with key clients in the technology, manufacturing, and automotive after-market industries to streamline the payment management process. Ansira Global Payments (AGP) is a proprietary technology module serving as a gateway between Ansira’s Ansira Edge Channel Partner Marketing platform and associated bank accounts. It’s an end-to-end solution for clients inclusive of planning, funding, fulfillment, and payments. AGP creates a better partner experience, faster payments that are more secure, lessens brand liability, and is all automated. API integrations automate beneficiary reconciliation practices, validate routing, and are compliant with ABA, Swift Bic, IBAN, and major financial institutions for processing of wire transfers and credits notes. The module also enables the locking of FX rates to receive and send foreign funds, from a USD account, at a guaranteed rate limiting the liability on rate fluctuations.

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