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Delivering a Well-Done ESP Migration for Char-Broil

Char-Broil partnered with Ansira to enhance their email program and inbox user experience. Through a strategic approach, Char-Broil was able to successfully transition to a new email service provider with no interruption and ensure they had the right infrastructure in place for future scalability.    


Char-Broil has been making cookouts better with their products for over 70 years. As their backyard grilling and smoking innovations became more advanced every year, the brand needed to find an email service provider (ESP) just as innovative as their cooking products. They chose Ansira for the job, setting goals for improving their email program and inbox user experience, along with building a strategic plan and infrastructure for highly scalable and customizable emails.


ESP providers to find the perfect fit


to a new platform with a strategic migration plan


the long- and short-term email initiatives


more sophisticated campaigns via a successful ESP migration


The team took a four-step approach to achieve these goals:

  1. Selecting the Right ESP
    Ansira collaborated with Char-Broil’s marketing and IT teams to consider their full breadth of business requirements, which led to the selection of a solution that could consolidate disparate data sources while continuing to collect and organize future customer data.
  2. Migrating to a New Platform
    To start the migration process, the team provided an overall project plan for mapping out the steps needed to migrate to a new platform. The plan included an IP Warming strategy and plenty of room for adjustments as the migration moved along.
  3. Drafting a Strategic Roadmap
    Using the discovery information from Step 1, Ansira presented short- and long-term email initiatives and continued sending emails throughout the migration process to maintain consistency in Char-Broil’s customer interactions. This way, the heavy lifting could be done behind the scenes without sacrificing engagement with the Char-Broil audience.
  4. Launching Char-Broil Into a Stronger Inbox Future
    Char-Broil is gaining momentum fast, effectively standing up sophisticated campaigns in their new email service provider. As additional data points are added, the team is launching a progressive profiling campaign to collect preferences that will influence personalization. With a successful ESP migration well under way, Char-Broil can rest assured that they’ve got a tech-agnostic, strategy-focused email partner in Ansira.

With their future business goals in mind, the team was able to help Char-Broil select an ESP and successfully transfer their entire email program to it with no interruption in customer communications.

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