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Progressive Profiling Helps Cox Media Group Stand Out in the Inbox

After recognizing that its newspaper subscribers weren’t utilizing its online channels, Cox Media Group turned to Ansira to boost online engagement by revamping their email campaigns. Through a detailed analysis, Ansira tailored emails based on subscribers’ news preferences to improve open rates and relevance, ultimately driving traffic to their online platforms.  


Cox Media Group runs seven newspapers across the country and hits over 3.5 million doorsteps daily. But their subscribers weren’t crossing over to online channels for breaking news and updates. Enter: email. And the opportunity to improve engagement right from the inbox.

Cox came to the table with preexisting email campaigns. Some, such as a welcome, re-engagement, and daily reminder emails, fit their business model nicely. But they weren’t delivering. So Ansira dug deeper, and after a 360-degree analysis and data dive, the team found target areas to increase engagement. Ansira decided to do that by observing implicit and explicit news preferences—then serving only the headlines that resonate in daily touches.


email design and tracking pixels


emails made brilliant


content to each subscriber’s interests


Progressive Profiling is complex, but it shouldn’t be complicated. It’s simply seeing beyond the inbox to what really matters: Are readers interested in sports? Do they want today’s political drama? What’re they doing this weekend? Ansira’s inbox preference collection technique allows readers to let us know in a snap. Or rather a click. Our innovative tech utilizes interactive design and a tracking pixel to get the job done.

The Cox Welcome Series was ground zero. The juncture where new subscribers and new subscriber behavior meet. Will they open the email? What will they click? How long will they engage? The Ansira team observed these behaviors, and more, enabling Cox to start dynamically populating emails with content tailored to each subscriber’s interests.

People are constantly bombarded with notifications, texts and emails. By taking the time to learn about a subscriber’s interests, Ansira was able to help CMG stand out in the crowd and deliver tailored, relevant emails to its subscribers.

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