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5 Ways to Boost Local Marketing Efforts With Google Posts

There are times when it feels like it’s more likely you’ll get hit by a meteor than reach customers with your marketing messages. Organic reach continues to dwindle on social platforms. Cost per clicks (CPCs) and cost-per-thousand impressions (CPMs) continue to rise on Google and Facebook. More companies are competing for the same customers, and the growing space given to ads makes it difficult for people to find the content they’re really looking for.

However, despite these hard-to-hear facts, there are still opportunities for brands to reach and connect with customers. How? With Google Posts.

Google Posts allow local businesses to use text, images, and video to share a message to online searchers. Posts are added within the Google My Business profile of a verified business and show up when someone searches on Google or the Google Maps app.

Google Posts are a no-cost way for national brands to broadcast a message at the local level at scale without any interference from advertising. It’s also a great way for small businesses to get on a more level playing field with competitors.

Here are five ways to leverage Google Posts to draw customer attention.

No. 1: New Store Launches
You might be excited about your grand opening, but customers searching online may not know you’re new to the neighborhood. Use Google Posts to showcase your products and services with an image or video that entices someone to look up your hours of operation or driving directions.

No. 2: Sales and Promotions
Most businesses think they’ve checked every box when it comes to highlighting a sale:

  • They mailed out postcards to a mix of their best customers and prospects.
  • They sent out emails to everyone in their database.
  • Banners are hung in the store.
  • Eye-catching balloons are positioned outside.

Unfortunately, many people will never find out about this sale because they may not think of your store when shopping online.

A Google Post highlighting your sale gives someone an opportunity to shop online or in store. Your post can even function as an event and remain live for as long as your promotion runs, instead of its traditional seven-day run.

No. 3: New Product Launches
There are some products that build up a following of their own because of excitement and hype. When it’s a new game console, smartphone, or fashion, people will be on the lookout.

A Google Post enables you to entice customers by highlighting what’s coming. It may also prompt new customers who found your business while searching online to learn more.

No. 4: Hiring Initiatives
Finding great talent is tough. Many sites charge a fee to list your job opening, and the cost can add up. By creating a Google Post, you can link to the job description on your website and include an image or video about your business or the job to get people interested.

For local businesses that need part-time or seasonal help, Google Posts are a great way to connect with a local audience, because these potential workers usually look for opportunities within a five-mile radius. As such, the people you reach likely won’t have any issue finding your business or getting there each day.

No. 5: Community Involvement
You may decide to partner with other businesses for charitable or promotional purposes, so it can be beneficial to demonstrate that your business cares about the community. Whether it’s a Little League team or a local event you’re sponsoring, a Google Post can be a way to get the word out.

As more people prefer to shop local, Google Posts are a convenient, effective tool to publicize anything that could help build your business. If you need assistance crafting and managing posts, check out this instructional article from Google.

By James Crolley

James leads Ansira’s integrated media teams to support clients using marketing automation, data analytics, CRM, and performance media capabilities.