Customer Experience and Loyalty Strategy

The Enterprise Perspective on Customer Journey Mapping

Providing an enjoyable customer experience means knowing who your customer is and where and how you can meet their needs. Customer journey mapping is a process that, when executed strategically, allows large companies to identify opportunities and deliver a better experience at scale.

What does this research reveal?
Ansira in partnership with Ascend2 fielded the Customer Journey Mapping Survey which exclusively represents the opinions of marketers responding to the survey whose businesses have more than 50 employees. Nearly half (49%) of respondents work for companies with 50 to 500 employees, the remaining half (51%) work for companies with more than 500 employees. The research found in this survey reveals key insights on customer journey mapping strategies, including:

  • Customers have inherent needs when they engage with brands that are both functional and emotional. 
  • Without centralized first-party customer data even the best marketing and data science technology can not understand or act on customer journey pathing. 32% of those surveyed found that decentralized data and data silos were barriers to success. 
  • The most effective journey maps are those that encourage an enterprise view, bridging teams across the organization by reflecting the cross-department dependencies and inputs. 
  • Customer journey maps are not a “one size fits all” strategic enterprise. Of those surveyed, 55% utilize 3-5 journey maps while 15% utilize 6-10. 

Why download this research?
The research provides a comprehensive look at how enterprise-level companies are implementing a customer journey mapping strategy as a part of their marketing plan. The survey results further demonstrate Ansira’s belief that customer journey orchestration is one of the most valuable strategies for maximizing cross-channel engagement and conversion.