Data + Insights Strategy

Preparing for the Cookieless Future

There’s a lot of speculation out there, and some misconceptions about exactly what’s happening and what it will mean. We’ll explain the situation, bust some commonly overheard myths, and provide guidance as to how you can adapt your future marketing plans.

HAVE YOU HEARD that “cookies are dying” or that “the cookie is dead?” Are you wondering how it will impact your advertising, your website, your ROI measurement, and your digital marketing in general?

When you finish reading this white paper, you will learn:

  • Which cookies will disappear, and which ones won’t
  • What digital advertising tactics will be impacted
  • How reporting will change
  • The future role of “first-party” data
  • What the “walled gardens” are and how they will factor in
  • Proposed third-party cookie solutions
  • What you should do next