Decisioning Solutions: The Power Behind Customer Journeys

Interacting with consumers has become increasingly difficult—deciding on the right message to send to a customer, and effectively orchestrating the activation of that message has become more challenging than ever before. Why? Consumers are now interacting with brands in more places, using more (and different) devices and channels than any time in history. They expect brands to know the history of their interactions, and to quickly solve theirs needs at the moment of interaction.

What Does This Research Reveal?
Based on contributions from more than 50 martech and adtech industry experts, this Winterberry Group research, sponsored by Ansira, delivers clarity on decisioning and orchestration solution through topics on:

  • The opportunity and challenges of effective decisioning
  • The role of decisioning in the marketing and advertising, and customer experience ecosystems
  • Defining decisioning and orchestration, and how they’ve evolved in organizations
  • The complexity drivers in decisioning and orchestration
  • Requirements for use, pricing models, and privacy and transparency considerations

Why Download this Research?
Only 14 percent of marketers and advertisers have success with decisioning. Download our white paper today as we break down decisioning solutions – the “brain” of the tech stack – and orchestration technologies to solve for real-time, cross-channel customer journey activation.