Rise of the Superfan, Ep. 2: The Innovative Mom

Episode 2: The Innovative Mom
Born out of the many hats Elena Taylor wore as a mother, The Innovative Mom is a platform to support, educate, empower, and nurture working moms across the globe. Tune in as Joanna McNeil is joined by Elena Taylor, CEO & Founder of The Innovative Mom, to share Elena’s journey and company story that evolved into a global resource guide providing resources, financial assistance, and support for working moms.

About Rise of the Superfan
Hosted by Ansira’s Head of Performance Marketing Joanna McNeil, the “Rise of the Superfan” podcast is reclaiming the passion for fandom and fan love of brands one episode at a time. Tune in as Joanna visits with big-name experiential brands about how they are nurturing personal connections and engaging with customers, especially during the pandemic, to create a culture of true brand fanatics.