Local Marketing Activation Strategy

Five Ways to Increase Leads Through Inventory Merchandising

As a seasoned digital marketer, your inventory browsing extends beyond your website and your competitors. It’s important to bring modern browsing experiences (like Amazon, Home Depot, and Apple) to your dealership website so you can start optimizing your inventory like major retailers. Providing the best consumer experience for your site visitors translates to more leads, and more sales!

Host Erin Zaborac and Product Managers Kelli Liddane and Marnie Cannon discuss how to make your search results pages (SRPs) work harder for you by leveraging modern inventory merchandising optimizations.

Key takeaways you’ll gain from this session include:

  • Data-driven recommendations for optimizing calls-to-action on your SRPs
  • Effective strategies for showcasing specials through in-line ads
  • How to determine which details belong on SRPs versus other areas of your website