Channel Partner Marketing

How to Solve 5 Channel Marketing Problems With 1 Tool

Brands with channel partners need to market locally, but they often run into challenges. One of the biggest on the list: partners not having on-demand access to brand-approved assets.

Without oversight, channel partners may use obsolete assets or ones they create on their own. This non-compliance can damage brand equity and compromise the customer experience. Just imagine how jarring it would be to see the Coca-Cola logo displayed with purple lettering instead of the brand’s signature red.

Channel marketing automation technology like the Ansira Edge Technology SuiteSM is the way for brands and channel partners to stay in sync. With frictionless access to marketing assets, offers, and business rules, channel partners can deliver personalized, local experiences that meet brand standards — and customer expectations.

The Ansira Edge Channel Engagement module is an always-on platform where local marketers can access brand-approved assets and customizable templates, thereby eliminating the complexity of asset compliance. By centralizing information and automating the workflow, relationship and channel marketers can tackle these most common brand-to-local challenges — and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

No. 1 Problem Solved: Getting Everyone on the Same Page
The Ansira Edge Channel Engagement module streamlines vendors, consolidates disparate sites, and standardizes assets into one single platform. The use of a single portal optimizes uptime and ensures that partners know exactly where to go to get the right assets whenever they need them.

No. 2 Problem Solved: Reining in Content Users Gone Rogue
The brand colors don’t look quite right. The font is difficult to read. The presentation template is wrong. When a brand has assets spread around multiple websites, accessed by individuals in different locations, it’s likely the content will be misused.

When content users go rogue, the result can be a misrepresentation of the brand, or damage to the identity, mission, and message. Ansira Edge ensures that any asset a channel marketer uses — from a logo to presentation template — has passed brand standards and is being distributed according to the business rules. Incorrect brand elements never make it onto the platform.

In addition, the Ansira team works as a brand concierge to help manage content, approve materials, and ensure the standards are upheld.

No. 3 Problem Solved: Ensuring an Easy, Flexible Ordering Experience
When a brand aligns with various vendors, often its marketing and distribution partners have to find, order, and pay for items through different websites. This inefficient ordering process is time consuming — and can be frustrating when an item is delayed or unavailable.

Ansira Edge solves this problem by consolidating product fulfillment online with a vendor-independent cart. By having access to all vendors on one site, the ordering and payment progress is flexible, convenient, and streamlined.

Ansira Edge’s e-commerce engine also enables partners to use various payment methods: credit, integrated co-op dollars, or a house account. And for companies with multiple locations or franchises, Ansira Edge can split payments and shipping destinations to provide convenience and speed of delivery.

No. 4 Problem Solved: Managing Multiple Things, Including Inventory
Marketing assets have to be managed — and the more items, the more complex the fulfillment process can be. What happens when an item sells out or is returned to inventory because a partner changed his or her mind? Ansira Edge manages every item on the list, tracking and updating the system to ensure inventory control.

Ansira Edge also provides minimum threshold alerts, letting the client know if an item is getting close to running out. With this level of detail, the company can decide whether or not it wants to replenish the item. By monitoring inventory with precision, Ansira ensures that items won’t languish in a cart — and that unnecessary replenishment and back orders will be avoided.

Ansira also ensures asset naming conventions and procedures are followed so that marketing assets are correctly catalogued for easy access.

No. 5 Problem Solved: Wondering if Marketing Assets Are Being Used in the Marketplace
It takes a lot of time, money, and resources to create and distribute brand assets. How does a company know what partners are actually using in the marketplace?

Ansira Edge provides the data analysis and reporting capabilities to measure asset downloads in great detail, capturing usage by item and geographic area. This information enables the brand to understand which assets are being downloaded the most, and in which regions or areas they are being used. Information like this can assist with field and franchise marketing and help influence marketing business decisions for the brand.

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By Courtney Jane Acuff

Courtney is responsible for the go-to-market strategy and execution to support the Ansira brand across owned and paid activities including analyst relations, sponsorships, paid media, owned events, organic channels, and public relations. She's also the former Channel Partner Marketing Solution lead and has a passion for all brands with distributed sales networks.