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How to Build a Report from Scratch in Google Analytics 4

The Google Whisperer is back with a new walk-through guide for Google Analytics 4. For those who attended the GA4 webinar, you know the key takeaway was to start working in GA4 now, report by report. We talked about how the consistent theme of GA4 is change. Reports look different, metrics are in different places, and the navigation menu has changed. These modifications mean it’s going to take a second for everyone to learn the new system. Set up your sandbox today rather than upgrade an existing property.  Once your sandbox is set up, you should follow the how-to guide on building your first report in GA4! 

By Colleen Harris

As Director, Product Manager at Ansira, Colleen Harris has over 13 years of digital marketing experience in the automotive, healthcare, and entertainment industries. She brings a passion for data analytics and content creation with published whitepapers on Google Analytics & Google Data Studio best practices.