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EiQ Sponsor Spotlight: Tasha Reasor of Iterable

Today’s marketing is a world away from the ads of yesterday. It’s more personal, more socially conscious and more about conversation than conversion.

Tasha Reasor knows all about this sea change. As VP of Demand Generation & Customer Marketing at Iterable, she manages the company’s holistic marketing capabilities, driving brand awareness and loyalty. She’s the perfect fit for a company whose cross-channel platform powers unified, authentic and memorable customer experiences.

What’s Tasha looking forward to at EiQ? And where will today’s marketing be tomorrow? Read her Q&A to find out!


These days, what gets you excited about marketing?
Marketers hold a unique place in today’s world. We have the ability to challenge and shape perspectives, to inform culture and to kickstart movements! We can raise awareness about social issues, take a stand on environmental policy, shift perceptions and change attitudes.

And today, with customers now demanding authenticity and transparency from brands, we’re given the “green light” to use our influence for good. It’s a pretty exciting possibility, you know, to affect real change by driving positive messaging, and offering the platform to movements and individuals that could use the boost!

Any advice to newcomers to the industry?
Calling all [underrepresented groups here]! Workplace culture is changing. For the better. Companies are waking up to the reality that diversity makes for a stronger workforce. Businesses are embracing the fact that inclusivity has a near infinite ROI.

You belong. We need you in our industry. Your presence is powerful, and your insights are invaluable! We need to work together to bring down any archaic barriers to entry that still exist in our industry. But to do that, we need you here with us.

What makes your company a great match for EiQ?
EiQ is the conference for the latest and greatest in all things email! You bring together marketers who really care about excellence, and know how to craft beautiful, engaging emails that hit the inbox hot. I feel that a lot of your messaging when it comes to CX and loyalty resonates with the personalized marketing messaging we believe in here at Iterable. Aligned value and goals? Sounds like a perfect match to me!

What are you most looking forward to at EiQ this year?
Being successful in our industry requires more than skill, talent and innovation, it requires a strong commitment to growth and learning. I’m excited to learn from a group of experts who will surely influence my preconceptions. I’m looking forward to being challenged, and I am excited to rethink my perspectives. I know I’ll have an “aha” moment and a marketing revelation at EiQ this year!

What part of a marketing campaign is most important to driving success?
The messaging. And how it lands. The concept that marketing is all about “selling” is completely archaic. Marketing today has nothing to do with selling. It’s about developing relationships with customers and building trust. The best way to connect with customers, from experience, is by getting to know them and building rapport. This personal, intimate type of marketing provides unique conversations and messaging to each customer based on their individual needs. It’s very much informed by emotions and empathy.

Gone are the days when a business can treat its audience as a single entity. Now, there is a desire from consumers for a personal connection with brands they love—one that establishes the consumer as a human with interests, feelings and experiences that inform how they spend their time and money.

What’s the most important place to start when defining (or redefining) your Customer Experience approach?
Trust is integral to relationship building. For consumers and their personal data, trust has arguably become the top priority. But right now, the trust that consumers have in brands is at an all-time low! For decades, brands have relied on third-party cookies as the quick path the connection. The fast way to personalization. As a result, third-party cookies are on their way out!

The changing rules and consumer expectations don’t have to leave you scrambling. There is a clear path towards instilling trust into your brand strategies. It’s a matter of hitting the reset button, taking stock of where your brand sentiment and trust stands with your customer base, and moving forward toward creating a consumer experience that puts customers first.


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