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Earn Leads Using Your In-Transit Vehicles 

Heading into the second quarter of 2022, after a few months of somewhat normalcy, we’re seeing the return of mandatory shutdowns in China and the impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Both of which cause more complications for an already stressed global supply chain, especially when it comes to car manufacturing. Here are our hottest tips with actionable steps you can implement across your website, digital advertising, and search engine optimization strategies using in-transit vehicles to create leads for your dealership today. 

Optimize Website for In-Transit Vehicles

If you have an Ansira website, you can filter your inventory feed for in-transit vehicles, allowing you to create a landing page that matches the look and feel of a typical search results page on your website. This feature is particularly useful because in addition to being able to filter and identify incoming vehicles, car shoppers on your site also have the option to submit a lead form to reserve their preferred vehicle. Something to note for our California dealers out there – you must have your expected delivery date on each of your in-transit vehicles to meet state requirements.

Optimize Advertising for In-Transit Vehicles

Use advertising to showcase in-transit vehicles in two ways:

  1. Use in-transit filtering option to create true inventory ads.
  2. Create general branded ads, with no inventory attached, and link directly to the low-inventory page that you can create on your website.

Either of these methods will give you the option and ability to call out in-transit vehicles, allowing you to stay top-of-mind for your audience and transition shoppers into in-transit vehicle reservers.

Use an audience that is focused on people who are currently “in-market” for a vehicle, in accordance with your advertising targeting platform whether that’s Google, Facebook, or another platform.

Optimize SEO for In-Transit Vehicles

Keywords for in-transit vehicles have varying SEO strength, from low to mid-range monthly search volume to high competitiveness for the search results page rankings. Work with your Digital Performance Strategist at Ansira (or your current SEO expert), to help identify worthwhile keywords that can be implemented on your website, used in your advertising, and showcased on your landing page.

Utilize all portions of your online presence, from identifying important keywords, to using different advertising methods, to creating an online mock VSR page for your in-transit vehicles. By doing this, you’ll make it as easy as possible for people searching for their ideal vehicle to check your incoming vehicle inventory and reserve their vehicle.

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Debbie Balding, Digital Performance Strategist
Debbie has been working 6 years optimizing and strategizing websites for dealerships. Creating unique dealer website solutions is what she enjoys most in her job role.  In her time off she enjoys baking, crafting, and video gaming.  

By Lydia Rapidah

Lydia has more than 12 years of data analytics, focusing most recently on dealers’ advertising performance. When not working, Lydia enjoys traveling, musicals and improving hat making skills.