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2020 Email Trends That Are Here to Stay

It may be a new year, but the challenges and uncertainties of 2020 are still with us. Listen in as Laura Sullivan, head of Ansira’s Creative Center of Excellence, talks inbox trends with Jess Ginburg, a director of our Strategy Center of Excellence. Catch their can’t-miss conversation in the video above, but first, let’s dive into a few of the trends that will continue to shape the inbox this year.

COVID-19 Changes Everything
During months of uncertainty and upheaval, email emerged as one of the best ways for businesses to communicate sales, safety and operational information to loyal customers. Its nimble and highly personal nature made it an ideal way to communicate with customers about the business changes and disruptions that were happening on an almost daily basis. Many brands even created templates and design systems that allowed for lightning-fast email deployments that could inform customers of last-minute changes to hours, inventory and more.

Since the impact of the pandemic will likely continue to affect businesses and consumers during the first half of 2021, look out for more COVID-related emails communicating fluctuating hours, policies, inventories and sales.

Humor Hits the Inbox
What can we say? 2020 was a difficult year. A little humor in the inbox kept everyone smiling through even the darkest of times. Being funny allows businesses to reach customers where they are, whether they’re struggling with quarantine boredom, dealing with mask rash or frantically homeschooling their children. Until things get back to “normal,” humor in the inbox is here to stay.

Dark Mode Comes to Light
Easy on the eyes isn’t always easy on email. 2020 was the year where the inbox finally caught up to this sleepytime technology. Audiences were reading emails in dark mode, so companies decided to maximize their experience.

Brands are now testing, optimizing and creating design systems to reach dark mode aficionados. In 2021, reversing text and designing for dark mode is now a built-in consideration from the start of any email project. Like it or not, dark mode isn’t going dark anytime soon.

Color Pops in the Inbox
How did brands stand out among all the serious, text-based emails of 2020? By going all in on typography, color-blocking and full-color bleeds. These design-forward emails grabbed inbox attention with fun design elements that draw the eye down the page and keep customers reading. Expect more colorful design triumphs in 2021.

What else does this year hold for the inbox? Only time — and technology — will tell.

By Laura Newsome

As Senior Copywriter, Laura brings her knack for storytelling to craft narratives for some of the world’s best-loved brands.