The Latest Thinking on Incentives & Rebates

Listen to Ansira AVP of Client Partnership Laura Cooling-Braasch and fellow panelists discuss the changes they are seeing in the way incentives and rebates are being used to both motivate and change partner behaviors in this Baptie Channel Focus Webinar.

How do you decide what you want to achieve? What should you be incenting? How do you build a program that is able to address the needs of different partner types? How do you ensure it is flexible enough to meet changing needs and requirements? What worked and what didn’t? How do you build an incentive structure to address the long-tail? How do they define success?

Whether you are in the beginning stages of your incentive strategy, re-engineering an established strategy, or have a mature strategy you are looking to improve, this webinar will give you actionable insights to increase the effectiveness of your incentive program.