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First-Party Data Party

We all know about the looming cookieless future and the importance of leveraging first-party data. We know it’s crucial to start planning and executing with your CRM & DMS data. But where do you start?

Sign up for the next Ansira webinar where we will review the HOW on all things first-party data. This session will have step-by-step directions and actionable takeaways for your team. Our Google Whisperer Colleen Harris will join host Erin Zaborac to discuss the best ways to start utilizing the data you have to increase leads and engagement. Key areas of focus will be:

  • Defining First-Party data (spoiler alert…it’s more than your DMS)
  • Using your first-party data to tailor the online experience
  • How-to Instructions on Activating Audience Data
  • Learn From Your Results to Make Smarter Bets With Your Budgets