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Crumbs to Conversions: Marketing Strategies Beyond Cookies

By now you have probably heard about the demise of third-party cookies; but what does that really mean? There are more tracking options for marketers in 2024, and Ansira is here to help guide you. Join Ansira EVP of Media Catie Cryder and VP of Product Management Angie Cordova as they sit down with Director of Sales Enablement Erin Zaborac to talk about what life after the third-party cookie will look like…and what it won’t. There is a lot of noise related to first, second (yes there’s a second), and third-party cookies and how Google’s changes will impact them all. Don’t get caught without a plan!

Key areas of conversation will include:

  • Identifying different types of cookies and how they impact your business plans
  • Timeline of events and when to be ready
  • Actionable plans for where to target moving forward
  • Questions to ask your agencies and vendor partners, and how attribution will be affected

For expert guidance on revamping your marketing strategy for success beyond the third-party cookie, contact us today.