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Multichannel Orchestration Empowers Marketers to Delight Customers

In the Expectation Age, brands face a herculean undertaking: managing and maximizing direct and indirect marketing channels to delight customers at every touchpoint. Customers demand a seamless buying experience, blurring the lines between B2B and B2C marketing efforts.

Most brands struggle to deliver contextually relevant customer experiences. Data is siloed, messages get lost in the ecosystem, and customer-experience innovation doesn’t keep pace with buyers’ expectations.

Ansira wanted to better understand these struggles, so we commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct an online survey of multichannel marketing engagement strategies among relationship marketers in both the B2B and B2C spaces. Respondents included marketers in the consumer packaged goods (CPG), automotive and transportation, technology, retail, financial services, and restaurant industries.

The infographic below summarizes some of the key findings in Forrester’s research. Marketers are investing in technology to combat the challenges of brand-to-local marketing, because they believe technology-enabled multichannel orchestration is critical for growing revenue and improving customer experience and retention.

This infographic is just one highlight from the Forrester white paper commissioned by Ansira, “Multichannel Orchestration in the Customer Expectation Age,” now available for download. You can also download this infographic as a PDF.


By Courtney Jane Acuff

Courtney is responsible for the go-to-market strategy and execution to support the Ansira brand across owned and paid activities including analyst relations, sponsorships, paid media, owned events, organic channels, and public relations. She's also the former Channel Partner Marketing Solution lead and has a passion for all brands with distributed sales networks.