Channel Partner Marketing

How to Power Up Your Sales Force

Your front-line sales team needs more than talent and charisma to persuade customers. They need to be armed with the right tools to streamline processes, deliver on promises, and communicate effectively.

In other words, brands need to invest in the right technology and content — and continually optimize those solutions — to help their salespeople get the job done.

Talk Their Language
How will your English-speaking salesperson communicate with the restaurant manager who speaks Spanish, or the automobile dealer who only speaks French? Globalization has opened the door for more sales opportunities, and if your brand has a global reach, then your sales team must be able to communicate with customers in their preferred language.

The solution: Provide your sales team with content in different languages. For restaurant clients, applicable content could be menu boards or customer point-of-sale (POS) materials. For automobile dealers or retailers, the right content could be language-specific sales manuals, equipment instructions, or product sales sheets.

Provide Dynamic Brand Content
Sales teams are inundated with spreadsheets, slide shows, sell sheets, and more. Any content that isn’t current, relevant, or compliant could lead to disaster.

To safeguard against this risk, brands must establish a central authority for company information, and it must be easily accessible by the sales team, whether online or offline. Through Ansira’s content management delivery process, brands can deliver approved content — sales materials, pertinent company news, and tools like sales calculators — to sales teams on demand, through a web portal or an app.

Access to this dynamic, up-to-date, approved brand content means the front-line sales team is always in the know.

Create and Invigorate at a Steady Rate
Technology and content are valued most when they’re current, so modernization is imperative. Any web or mobile sales tools, content, and workflows must be analyzed and optimized continually.

Start by creating a minimal viable product based on the brand’s core must-have features and content. After the website or app is live, the brand can update content and features at a steady cadence, enabling the sales team to meet their goals.

Monitor Throughout the Lifecycle
Ansira recommends monitoring usage and periodically requesting user feedback through surveys to determine what is and is not working for the front line. The feedback also helps brands discover what features the team may want next in their technologies.

Next, brands review analytics to measure content, feature use, and user experience. User surveys and analytics can help answer the following questions:

  • Who in the front line is using the technology?
  • Where or in what region is it used?
  • What sales tools and features are most popular?
  • Which content is stale or obsolete?
  • When is language-specific content accessed?
  • How is content influencing sales?

Users want features to have the least number of clicks or taps possible, so understanding how they navigate the technology provides the necessary information for optimizing workflows. Through analytics and user surveys, brands can identify the following:

  • Which workflows are having the most success
  • Why people are happy or unhappy with the state of the technology
  • What will enhance front-line sales team success
  • Which features should or shouldn’t develop into more robust options

With the right technology and relevant content, a brand can provide its front-line sales team with the best resources to complete routine tasks, expand the client base, and meet sales goals.

By Courtney Jane Acuff

Courtney is responsible for the go-to-market strategy and execution to support the Ansira brand across owned and paid activities including analyst relations, sponsorships, paid media, owned events, organic channels, and public relations. She's also the former Channel Partner Marketing Solution lead and has a passion for all brands with distributed sales networks.