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Honda Revs Up Local Marketing With New and Improved TCMA Solution

Honda was facing challenges with its outdated ad-builder site, which primarily catered to tier 2 users and housed noncompliant marketing assets. Ansira leveraged its end-to-end proprietary platform Ansira Edge to redesign their ad-site, providing local dealers with enhanced features and streamlined processes.


Automobile manufacturer Honda wanted to improve local marketing capabilities for its tier 3 dealer partners. The brand’s outdated ad-builder site catered primarily to tier 2 advertising agencies and mainly housed outdated and noncompliant marketing assets.

To ensure seamless customer experiences with the brand and the local dealers, Honda needed a user-friendly platform with reporting and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities that served both tier 2 and tier 3 users.


Number of compliant marketing assets available to dealer partners


Dealer participation with the revamped channel marketing program


Number of assets downloaded


Ansira redesigned Honda’s ad-builder site using Ansira EdgeSM technology. The new portal empowers local dealers with features such as interactive asset preview, asset customization, streamlined download and ordering processes, and reporting.

In addition, the team created a new hierarchy for brand-compliant assets to make them easier for dealer partners to find and implemented new quality controls so that all loaded assets comply with brand standards. Now, when local dealers customize assets, the assets are automatically sent to Honda compliance headquarters for pre-approval, which protects Honda’s brand equity.

The channel engagement portal was so successful that other Honda departments now use it to share assets and collaborate across key programs and campaigns. In 2019, Ansira received the American Honda Premier Partner Award for our ability to exceed expectations.

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