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The Future Customer Report: A Shift to Mindful Shopping

How has COVID-19 shifted the customer’s shopping mindset? This Raconteur special report, featuring an article with Ansira thought leadership, looks at how the pandemic has prompted extreme shifts in consumer demands and spending patterns, as well as how these changes may be building customers into more mindful shoppers.

Read First:

  • Pg. 18 – Why Experiences Matter to the Changing Consumer of 2020
    Ongoing reverberations from the coronavirus pandemic are dramatically reshaping what customers expect from their interactions with brands. As behaviors continue to shift, businesses that prioritize experiences at a corporate and local level will emerge stronger.
  • Pg. 19 – How to Build Experiences for the Customer of 2020
    Digital transformation has been ushered in overnight across a wide variety of industry verticals, from consumer packaged goods to automotive, restaurant to travel, and it’s forcing big shifts in strategy across the board.
  • Pg. 14 – (Infographic) Building Better Shoppers?
    The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything, including the way in which we shop. Along with the necessary transition to buying online, there has been a notable shift in mindset. To understand this, this report consults global and national data on customer behavior, as well as a Raconteur survey, to get a clearer picture of how audiences are feeling about how they buy.